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Terra Products - Dehydrated Alfalfa Pellets for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, and More Small Animal Pets

Product Features

Keep your small pets happy and healthy with our fresh farm-grown dehydrated alfalfa pellets. Packed with protein, energy, and calcium, our Alfalfa hay now in pellet form as an excellent food for small animals. These naturally sweet hay pellets are highly palatable for animals, and their phytonutrients promote a healthy appetite and meet the diet needs of your fast-growing little pet.


Why Terra Products Dehydrated Alfalfa Pellets?

Grown naturally from premium Alfalfa seeds in the high desert, with sustainable agriculture practices and hand-packed freshly into our pelletizer. Only the best high-quality Alfalfa hay goes in, so that only the best high-quality Alfalfa pellets come out and into your pets.

Unlike the Orchard grass or Timothy hay, Alfalfa hay has a high proportion of protein, fiber, calcium, and healthy fats that supports muscle and bone growth for young animals. It is easy on their tummy, helps them gain weight while maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Good smell, good taste and the right blend of nutrition makes it an ideal guinea pig food, and perfect hay for rabbits, chinchillas, chickens, ferrets, and more small animals. Best suited for animals younger than 7 months. While it can't be the main diet for older pets, it can still be fed as an occasional treat for adult pets including rabbits as well.

General Information

Keep your small pets happy and healthy with our fresh farm-grown dehydrated alfalfa pellets.


Alfalfa Pellets

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