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Morton Plain Salt Block & Brick

Product Features

Morton Plain Salt Brick for free-choice livestock feeding in feedlots, and on pastures and ranges where grain, forage, and water is often deficient in sodium chloride and iodine. Lactating animals require further supplements due to excretion in milk. Salt deficiency reduces growth, weight gain, and milk production. Bricks are for feeding in stalls, stanchions, or on pasture posts. For all classes of cattle, sheep, and horses.

Morton’s plain or white salt blocks are compressed from vacuum granulated salt, fine solar salt, or fine rock salt. The appearance is white to crystalline with a smooth glossy surface. There are no additives. Plain agricultural salt blocks are used primarily for animal feeding.

Morton’s Salt Blocks are fortified with nutritional iodine provided by calcium periodate, which is water-insoluble and does not leach from blocks exposed to high humidity or rain. When ingested by animals, it is readily solubilized by rumen microbial action or by stomach acidity.