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Peredovic Sunflowers

Pereedovic Sunflowers are a tall (3-4.5 ft tall), black seeded sunflower with high oil content and produce small compact seed heads.
Peredovic Sunflowers are an excellent choice for wildlife food plots for larger ruminants (deer, elk, etc) and for all types of fowl (ducks, doves, etc).
Peredovic Sunflowers are a meatier sunflower with a thinner outer shell, making them easier for birds and wildlife to eat.
Wildlife and birds also prefer the taste of the smaller seeded Peredovic sunflowers over the larger, striped varieties of sunflowers.

Peredovic Sunflowers are of particular benefit to migrating birds that will benefit from use the high caloric reservoirs of energy provided to them from feeding on the high oil content sunflowers.