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All Flock

Why choose Homestead All Flock?

If you have a mixed poultry flock, keeping track of exactly what each bird needs for optimal health and performance can be complicated. Homestead All Flock features Total Replacement Technology®, which means that the minerals used in your flock’s feed are organic trace minerals. Organic trace minerals are more easily absorbed and utilized in the gut, which means that your birds get more benefit from less.

Homestead All Flock is specifically designed for mixed flocks, including ducks and geese, and is formulated to produce top-quality birds. Homestead All Flock contains no antibiotics, no animal proteins and no animal fats. Homestead All Flock provides birds with the fortification needed for sound skeletal growth and optimal nutrition.


DIGESTIVE SUPPORT: Added probiotics and enzymes for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption

IMMUNE HEALTH: Made with a proprietary blend of vitamins and organic trace minerals for increased immune support

SELECT PROTEINS: Formulated with no animal proteins

COMPLETE & BALANCED: Fortified with amino acids, vitamins and minerals to meet nutritional requirements

Has supplement b-complex vitamin including niacin to optimal growth of all birds including waterfowl.


Feed Homestead® All Flock Pellet NAB NAP continuously as the sole ration to chickens (pullets and broilers), ducks and geese from hatch to maturity. Feed to turkeys and pheasants as the sole ration continuously from 8 weeks of age to maturity. Always supply a source of clean, fresh water.


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