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Aberlasting Clover (W/Nitro Coat)

AberLasting Clover (w/Nitro Coat®) is a first of its kind hybrid cross of Caucasian and White Clover, developed by the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS). (Nitro-Coat is NOT approved for Organic Use)
AberLasting’s cross includes the benefits of a Caucasian clover’s rhizomatous root system & excellent stolon development and White Clover’s quick establishment and nutrition value, giving producers a long-lasting, fast establishing specie that grows high quality forage in areas where water may be limited.
AberLasting also has superior disease & pest resistances, even in clover root weevil infected areas, therefore it is ideal for long term pasture grazing of permanent pastures and has excellent grazing tolerance and can withstand rotational grazing as well.